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DATE: 2021-01-04
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高畑裕太可怕高畑裕太可怕,黄漫画是什么黄漫画是什么,宫胁哾良机场宫胁哾良机场  Special tool高畑裕太可怕高畑裕太可怕,黄漫画是什么黄漫画是什么,宫胁哾良机场宫胁哾良机场
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Piston Rod Seal
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  The piston rod seal is one of the main pressure elements inside the hydraulic cylinder, oneway pressure, the pressure is bigger, direct contact with hydraulic oil.

  Piston rod seal is installed in the hydraulic cylinder end cover ,the inside of the dust seal, which is to prevent the hydraulic oil leakage. Requires, better holding performance under stationary state and higher pressure capability during movement, good sealing performance, small friction coefficient,strong ability to resist extrusion, etc.

  The piston rod seal is mainly used in general hydraulic systems, machine tools, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, standard hydraulic cylinders, general machinery, and other equipment.

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